Wake Up Evolved - Downloadable Course One  
  "An Encyclopedic Guide to the Secrets of Living a Complete Life in Evolution"  

This is The course. The most comprehensive tome on self-help, transformation, and self-growth techniques to use to really get in, rummage around, and change your life into excellence. Where many downloadable courses fall short, this one keeps going until all the information and the achievement of your success is complete.

  No stone is unturned here. No part of yourself left out. The advanced techniques may be difficult. It may take years to “get them” and achieve mastery, or you may assimilate them immediately. But either way you will finally know which directions to move in. You'll know which way you are supposed to go to evolve towards your evolution and excellence, as opposed to being lost in all the ideas floating around in the self- help world. (For personal attention and coaching on these topics consult our programs on the "information" page)  
Take the plunge into the future and pick up a copy today.
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  Wake Up Evolved - Downloadable Course Two  

Taking the ideas found in Course 1 we have distinguished a series of intricate theories regarding the experience of living and life. There are themes that show us what we can really achieve in the world and what our full maturation looks like. We have combined these with modern thinking and state-of-the-art philosophies to create a comprehensive vision of the self as it moves through time. We've then shown what all these theories look like in application.

This is a must-have follow up to the first course.

This will only be sold as a follow-up to Course 1 so make sure you have purchased and finished all of Course 1 before moving on to Course 2. (Personal attention on these topics is again available on the "information" page on the main site.)


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